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A Costa Rican Agro-Export Company, 100% National Capital.

The production of melon and watermelon is intended for exporting to the European market to countries such as Great Britain, Holland and Belgium. The fruit is marketed in fresh presentation and ready for human consumption.

The optimum conditions of quality and innocuousness the melon owns, have allowed the company to develop and stay in the market strongly, and creating commercial relations with different European intermediaries and supermarkets as well.

For local markets, the company produces and commercializes rice during the Costa Rican rainy season, and this process has been stable from June to November. The varieties "Palmar 18" and "Cibu" are adapted to the method of sowing mechanized in dry rice.


Costeña S.A has its beginnings as a national family-owned company, founded more than 25 years ago initially dedicated to extensive livestock farming. In the 1990's, the farm started changing into a commercial activity, going from extensive livestock farming to melon cultivation.

It began with 300 hectares in the first season, 200 of which cultivated during the summer period, from November to May. Its main commercial activity is the production and export of melons, activitiy that represents the main job opportunities in the area of Caimital of Nicoya and its surroundings due to the large amount of employment it generates, decreasing the high percentage of migrations to other areas of the country.





Longevity is based on a complex combination of environmental and genetic factors. The nine secrets of longevity shared by people living in the so-called Blue Zones refer specifically to 9 points:

  • 1. Moving: It's not about running a marathon or lifting weights every day, but having a lifestyle that makes us move in a natural way.
  • 2. Eating but not much: We can draw inspiration from the Japanese concept of "Hara Hachi Bu", which means to stop eating when the stomach is full at 80%.
  • 3. Eating vegetables: The typical food of the centenarians? The legumes. And a meat consumption that is limited to five times a month.
  • 4. Having a drink: Yes, moderate alcohol consumption is associated with greater longevity, especially if the glass is consumed in good company.

  • 5. Relaxing: The harmful effects of stress are well established. A lifestyle and a stress-free routine play a crucial role.
  • 6. Having a Purpose in life: Those who get up in the morning with a sense of service for something have a longer life expectancy of 7 years.
  • 7. Belonging: Sharing a spiritual practice with a community four times a month can increase life expectancy longer than 14 years.
  • 8. Loving: Centenarians generally have a great commitment to their family, whether with the care of their parents and grandparents in their lives, with a life partner or with the care of children.
  • 9. Being in the right tribe: The deans of humanity chose social circles that support and encourage good habits of life.


It is a regulation focused on good agricultural practices,and standard implementation. The aspects regulated on this norm include production, environmental, social.

It is a requirement for the producers that supply Tesco Co with fresh fruits or vegetables.

It has nine pillars of social coverage and labor regulation. These regulations represent the social commitment of the company. In addition,it aids buyers to consult the company status.

It corresponds to the scope of voluntary social evaluation of Global Gap, developed to evaluate the social practices regarding source exploitation.

Regulation of national application focused on the conservation of watersheds. It promotes environmental practices within the company and it is endorsed by the government of Costa Rica.

Oriented to the security of the supply chain.