Costeña S.A. maintains in its operation key aspects of conservation and environmental promotion. This work is carried out with local developing and research institutions that carry out studies on the impact of agriculture on the environment. In addition, aspects of interest such as drought , that creates vulnerability in the surrounding areas and in the activities developed in the community, is a main issue for our company.

Alliances with institutions represent our commitment towards nature. Futuragua, a Non-profit Non-Governmental Organization watches over the management of water resources, carries out studies on the impact of drought and environmental pollution, and executes the accounting of the fauna and flora, identifying native species and their conservation.

Universidad de Costa Rica, the main state university of the country, takes us in order to interact and exchange knowledge with the new generations.
Instituto Nacional de Aprendizaje (INA), the National Learning Institute maintains a special cooperation with our company to constantly develop training for staff and neighbors in the region in order to foster entrepreneurship in different areas.

Comisión de Cuencas y Corredor Biológico; rio Potrero, Caimital y Quiriman, becomes the conservation, monitoring and research operator that integrates national institutions such as the Ministsryo of Environment MINAET, Nicoya Local Government, AYA, that work with us Costeña S.A. in keeping a in surveillance of the correct maintenance of the basins that supply water to the area of Nicoya, Caimital, Hojancha and nearby places.


10 Costeña's Environmental Commandments

1. Minimize the use of chemicals in crops. Done by optimizing the process since the management of the crops to the elimination of packaging.

2. Use only sustainable water sources in essential quantities to ensure the preservation of their quality.

3. Reduce, reuse and recycle waste as much as possible, especially by avoiding the burning of plastics and any other source of pollution.

4. Adapt all feasible, technical and economic measurements to reduce erosion and improve soil conservation.

5. Implement a comprehensive plan for the preservation nature, mainly the one on the exploitation range, and promote their integration into the biological corridors.

6. Apply the company´s funds and human, technical resources to the permanent research that leads to new progressive environmental improvements.

7. Keep promoting ours and our partners participation in the payment of environmental services used in our country for the natural regeneration of forests.

8. Mantain the respect for the protected areas distances and any other legal provision.

9. Participate actively in environmental education programs in nearby communities at all levels and seek for the involvement of the different public organizations demanded to do so.

10. Follow all the recommendations of the hydrogeological study, granted by the Potrero-Caimital river basin council, along with all the other basin colaborators. .

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